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geotagging photos for Juno sc

Sep 10, 2009 at 9:56 PM

If anyone can help on this it's be greatly appreciated.

We are looking to purchase a few Juno SC devices from Trimble but during a demo noticed that the GPS

doesnt attach to the camera photos automatically as a feature of the handset. Like many mobile devices these days

(Blackberry or other with GPS) you can typically turn this ability on and off. We were told that unless we use a program like

terrasync (bahaha!!) or other it cant be done.

We are using the handsets to populate a template which is server based so our field staff can log in and fill out the form and send live.

If anyone has experience in this sort of programming we can look at the option of taking the gps coordinate when the pic is taken, populate

this into a new field so our database can read and address the coords itself.

If anyone can help on this or has experience in this type of app it would be greatly appreciated