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Changes in the beta code?

Aug 24, 2009 at 5:06 PM

Hi, I'm sorry to hear of the authors programming burnout - we work in a tough industry for sure.

I downloaded the beta of GPS.NET 3.0 towards the end of June and have been using it as a core element of a large project I am working on. However, the beta license key has now expired and I am investigating the open source version you have posted to CodePlex - but there seems to be some rather large differences. For example, the following lines of code no longer work:

this.speedometer1.AnalogFont = new System.Drawing.Font("Arial", 10F, System.Drawing.FontStyle.Bold);
this.speedometer1.DigitalFont = new System.Drawing.Font("Arial", 8F);
this.speedometer1.IsCheckingTickIntersections = false;

this.satelliteViewer1.CardinalFont = new System.Drawing.Font("Arial", 10F, System.Drawing.FontStyle.Bold);

this.compass1.CardinalFont = new System.Drawing.Font("Arial", 10F, System.Drawing.FontStyle.Bold);
this.compass1.DegreeFont = new System.Drawing.Font("Arial", 7F, System.Drawing.FontStyle.Bold);

this.altimeter1.AnalogFont = new System.Drawing.Font("Arial", 10F, System.Drawing.FontStyle.Bold);
this.altimeter1.DigitalFont = new System.Drawing.Font("Arial", 8F);
this.altimeter1.DigitalReadoutOrientation = GeoFramework.Gps.Controls.AltimeterDigitalReadoutOrientation.Above;
this.altimeter1.IsCheckingTickIntersections = false;


Am I doing something wrong here? If so, I would appreciate it if someone could point me in the right direction with the new 3.0 beta version.

Thanks and regards,


Aug 24, 2009 at 5:38 PM

Nobody liked the 3.0 controls, so they were rolled back to 2.0.  The properties are all different as a result, but the controls look and perform more smoothly.  It would be best to remove and re-add controls.