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Geoframework 2.0.2 makes the whole application crash

Jan 24, 2013 at 8:31 AM

Our clients use Geoframework 2.0.2 release binaries (Desktop Framework 4.0) in an application I've made. However, sometimes the gps just crashes and the whole application must be closed. This occurs mainly when the gps is started. Our clients use different types of gps modules. When the gps feature is switched off, the software works fine.

Also it seems that the gps makes the software to crash when running it in 64-bit Windows 8 with a gps module that normally works.

What could cause the problem? I haven't been able to debug the problem since all my gps modules work fine in my developement environment, although some months ago an error appeared related to some registry key but this problem has just "vanished".

We tried the dotspatial gps driver but it just crashed the software all the time.

Really any help would be appreciated!