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Unable to build solution?


I am new to C# programming and especially GPS functionality. I would like to learn much more about getting my laptop to connect and work with a GPS unit and display my position on a nautilc chart (I am a sailor). I have downloaded the GPS.NET 3.0 & GeoFramework. I have expanded each of the two ZIP files into seperate folders and note that there are several proj files in each. Where do I start? I can not get any of the projects to load withput error (One or more projects in the solution could not be loaded for the following reason(s): The project file or web has been moved, renamed or is not on your computer. These projects will be loaded as unavailable in Solution Explorer. Expand the project node to show the reason the project could not be loaded.). and if I do let it load none will compile and run.
Is there something I am missing?
I would really like to get some help as obviousely it would take forever if I had to figure out and write all this code.
Thanks in advance.


tidyup wrote Mar 28, 2010 at 10:32 AM

I'm not part of the GPS.NET development team but...

You should probably first post your problem in the discussions, your likely to get more help there. As your new to C# programming you may find that many of your problems are not actual issues with the project but your familiarity with the tools and environment - though this may not be the case ;) The devs are often very busy and may not have time to provide help especially if they think the problems are related to inexperience and often they are the ones looking at issue lists. If you post in the discussions anyone who has similar issues (or interests) might be able to offer you some help.

You'll also probably need to provide more information. What ZIP files - the current stable release 3.01? What project did you load in Visual Studio? What projects are showing up as unavailable (the ones that failed to load)? The more infomation you provide the more likely you are to get help!

It's not clear from your post and I use the latest code in the repository but generally you would load a solution file (.sln extension) as it would reference the projects you need to build - although I gather you're using a sln if some projects are failing to load.

BTW From the sounds of what your trying to do getting the GPS talking is going to be the easy part. Displaying a chart and position information correctly involves a lot of tricky things. Not saying that you can't do it or you shouldn't go ahead but you will probably find there are many ways you can achieve what your trying to do without writing any code or building anything! Check out MapWindow for a start - It's free, runs on windows, supports many file formats (although not all) and has a plugin that can display your position from a connected GPS overlaid on loaded files. You could even modify the code for both the application and plugin in case you need to do something specific for your application (like incorporate a wind speed indicator or navigation information/warnings etc). I assume you meant a nautical not nautilc chart unless it's a format I am unaware of. You can generally get or convert most files to shapefiles if you do have a funny format to deal with.

Hope this helps - good luck!

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